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As Coloradoans, we all know that Mother Nature is a crazy woman. One day she’s nice, with seventy-degree temperatures, the next day she is brutal, throwing wind, hail, rain or snow our way. Because she is so moody, and often unpredictable, homeowners have the unique challenge of choosing their roofing shingles. With this in mind, Campbell Beard Roofing wants to introduce the CE DUR specialty shingles and roof products to you.

CE DUR looks and installs like cedar wood shakes, but offers technically superior protection from hail, fire, wind and other harsh elements.

CE DUR Shingless

Disguised to resemble the beauty of natural wood CE DUR shakes are well known for their durability. This strength is greatly due to the advanced thermoset polymer that the shingles contain. This system allows CE DUR products to resist and prevail through whatever Mother Nature delivers; in fact these are one of the most durable roofing products available.

CE DUR shakes have been tested against many elements of weather – extreme cold, extreme heat, rain, wind, sleet, hail and blizzard conditions. From mountain towns to Colorado suburbs, these shingles have proved to be a wonderful and efficient addition to any home or office building.

CE DUR shakes have a Class 4 hail rating, and are able to both resist wind and water absorption. They are also known for their ordering cytotec safety and possess a Class A fire rating.

CE DUR Shake Roof

With CE DUR specialty shakes, homeowners can rest assured that their roof is doing its job: it is protecting your family and keeping weather elements outside where they belong. But, the advantages don’t stop there. The insulation of CE DUR shakes keeps warm air in during the winter, and cool air in during the summer. Not only does this result in more comfort, but this can also result in saving money. You simply may not have to spend as much on heating and cooling costs.

Though durable and strong, CE DUR shakes are among the lightest roofing products available, making them structurally safe for both new and old houses. They are also backed by a transferable lifetime warranty, saving you money, hassle and worry.

CE DUR shakes are a great choice for Colorado homeowners or anyone who lives in a fluctuating climate. They protect the inside, and beautify the outside.

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