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When it comes to roofing, slate tiles are often known for topping upscale, luxurious homes. The reason for this is simple: slate is a product known for its exquisite beauty. However, slate can sometimes have a downside. It is typically a very heavy material. Sometimes houses or office buildings have to be restructured in order to accommodate a roof full of slate. This addition of extra support can add cost, as well as be a giant hassle. Some older houses and buildings may not even be able to be restructured.

Another downside of slate is that it is breakable. For this reason, repair or cleaning by professionals is required. Maintenance by the layperson may damage it beyond repair.

Yet, even with all the above, slate is still beautiful and offers a very natural look that many homeowners covet. Luckily, for those homeowners, slate look concrete tile can offer the best of both buy cheap cytotec online worlds. Slate look concrete tile is roofing material composed of concrete, but made to resemble slate. Slate look concrete tile is not as heavy as slate, allowing it to be installed without the restructuring of a home or office building. Slate look concrete also offers additional benefits. Slate look concrete is strong and durable, typically lasting for fifty years. Slate look concrete also offers protection from fire, rot, weather elements and any deterioration that insects cause.

Monier Life Tile, as well as Eagle Roofing, are well known in the Denver roofing industry as two manufacturers of quality slate concrete tiles.

For homeowners who want the classic, elegant look of slate without the hassle of weight, slate concrete tiles are an ideal option. Contact Campbell Beard Roofing in Denver today to learn more about slate tile.

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