Shake Look Concrete Tile

For homeowners who want their roofs to possess the natural look of wood, a look that can offer a variety of colors and the charming characteristics of a cottage or a cabin, shake look concrete tile is a wonderful option. Campbell Beard Roofing offers shake look concrete tile from the most trusted manufacturers and provides complete installation services.

Unlike actual wood shake, shake look concrete tile offers the added benefit of safety. Roofs made of actual wood shake can be a fire hazard, as wood is easily engulfed by flames, and often pose a danger to your home and family. Shake look concrete tile, because it is composed of cement, is made to prevent a fire from spreading. Wood shake can also be an appetizing lunch for termites and other insects.

Shake look concrete tile, on the other hand, is resistant to both fire and damage from insects. Shake look concrete tile will also prevent mold and rot, where an authentic wood shake roof will not. For these reasons it is a popular buy cytotec 100 mg roofing choice for Colorado homeowners.

Shake look concrete is a low maintenance, easily cleaned option. Because it is made from concrete tiles, it is also known for its durability. In fact, shake look concrete roofs often last for up to five decades and sometimes more. If it does need to be repaired, the repair process is often simple and straightforward.

Eagle Roofing and Monier Life Tile have both been offering shake look concrete tile for years. In fact, Monier Life Tile is the most experienced concrete tile manufacturer in the country. Whether you live in the Denver area or somewhere else in the US, both these brands are viable options.

Shake look concrete offers a win win situation for homeowners who want strength, durability, and safety all while keeping the natural look of wood. With shake look concrete, homes are able to possess both brawn and beauty.

Contact the roofers Denver trusts, Campbell Beard Roofing, and learn more about this wonderful roofing product.

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