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When it comes to installing or replacing the tile roof of your Denver area home, you have many options beyond traditional asphalt shingles. Tile roofing offers many advantages over the more mainstream asphalt shingle. Many homeowners are not aware of the advantages of a Denver tile roof. Although asphalt shingles are inexpensive and easily installed, they require frequent maintenance, and must usually be replaced once every fifteen years or so. Tile roofing Denver homes may cost more initially, but because they are more durable and require less maintenance, they can often be less expensive in the long run.

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The Clay Tile Roof

Denver homeowners have several options here. Traditionally used in Mediterranean climates, Denver tile roofing has been specially treated, allowing them to stand up to the harsh winter conditions in Denver. Tile roofing contractors can come to your home and determine whether or not your home is suitable for tile roofing. Denver property owners who are designing and building their own homes should consult our experts during the design phase if they are considering a tile roof. Denver building codes may have an impact on what you need to do, particularly because these roofing materials weigh considerably more than asphalt shingles. The structure may require extra reinforcement. Our experienced Denver roofing contractors can help you in determining what is required.

The extra expense of installing a Denver tile roof is well worth it, when long-term benefits are considered. With our top-of-the-line clay tile roof, Denver homes enjoy the best thermal insulation properties, greatly reducing heating and cooling costs. Denver tile roofing, properly cared for, will last a lifetime.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is another durable roofing material that has been order cytotec online around for centuries. Ceramic roofing has been used in northern Europe since the late Middle Ages, and is a good alternative to a clay tile roof; Denver’s climate can be similar to Germany and Scandinavia, particularly in the winter.

Concrete Roof Tile Denver

A less expensive, but still durable alternative to Denver tile roofing is concrete roof tile. Denver homeowners sometimes resist this choice because concrete has the first impression of being an unattractive option. However, today’s Denver concrete roof tile can be colored and shaped to resemble almost anything, providing a fine-looking roof for your home as well as offering the many of the benefits of a tile roof.

Denver Slate Roofs

Slate is another excellent roofing material for harsh and damp climates. It has been used on homes England and Wales for hundreds of years and comes in many beautiful shades and colors, including grays, purples, greens and even cyan.

Additional Options in Denver Specialty Tile

Denver clay tile roof alternatives such as ceramic and shale are just the beginning at Campbell Beard. We also offer wood shingles, which are also durable and become even more beautiful as they age. Since they are lighter than clay and ceramic tiles, they may be better for an existing home that was not designed for the extra weight. Metal roofing is another option; although normally associated with industrial buildings and utility sheds, copper sheet roofing is traditional and can give a home a unique and classic appearance, particularly as it oxidizes and takes on a verdant hue over the years.

Call or email our Denver tile roofing contractors at Campbell Beard today and learn more about the many alternatives to asphalt roofing that are available.

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