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Concrete tile is a relatively newer option in roofing materials that is growing in popularity as a high quality roofing product. Cement roofing materials made to resemble wood shakes, natural slate, Spanish barrel tile, and a variety of other looks are now commercially produced from a number of reputable manufacturers and available for installation from Campbell Beard Denver Roofing company. Produced of cement, concrete tile is a color thru product that offers a large variety of colors options. Campbell Beard Roofing carries a diverse selection of concrete tiles tailored specifically to the Colorado region and provides consultation and installation of this versatile roofing product.

Monier concrete tile

Concrete tile came into production because of their strength, durability, and resourcefulness. The advantages of this roofing material are well known to those in the Denver building industry. Concrete tile has a long lifespan, with tiles lasting for decades upon decades. Concrete tiles are also known for being low maintenance, and require minimal cleaning and repair. When repair is needed, it is often easy and straightforward. These tiles also offer a safety aspect: they are excellent for fire protection and immune to rot and damage done by insects, which is a benefit to homeowners in fire prone areas such as Colorado.

Concrete tiles don’t look like the concrete tile you may imagine. Rather, they resemble the beauty of wood, but without the danger (such as fire and termite infestation) that sometime accompanies wood. Concrete tile can also resemble clay tiles, and natural slate products. However, since concrete tile is manufactured and not mined like natural slate tile, it is quite a bit less expensive, concrete tile does not cause the structural and weight problems often produced by slate. As technology improves, more and more styles and color choices are being offered with concrete tiles. As of now, the choices are still quite vast.

To get the best out of concrete tiles, it’s important to use a manufacturer known for making quality concrete products. Eagle roofing is a well-known manufacturer, as is Monier Life Tile. In fact, Monier Life Tile is the oldest and most experienced concrete roofing manufacturer in all of the United States.
Concrete tile roofs can sometimes initially be a larger investment than other types of roofing. However, their visual appeal, durability, safety, and versatility make them a wise investment for homeowners throughout Colorado.

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