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Roofing insurance claims in Denver and throughout the Nation are steadily on the rise among homeowners. The most common roof insurance claim is that involving hail damage. For those living in an area prone to hail storms, information on how to file a hail damage roof insurance claim is of great benefit, and one of the services Campbell Beard Roofing assists Denver residents with.

Although asking your insurance company for information is always the best way to understand Denver roofing insurance claims, here are some tips for filing a roof cytotec buy hail damage claim:

  • If a damaging hail storm has recently occurred, write down the date it occurred. Keep this record in an easily accessible place at all times. It is also advisable to take pictures of the damage so that you can later show them as evidence in support of your hail damage roof insurance claim. You will need all the evidence to support your claim that you can get.
  • Even if you only suspect damage, it is a good idea to hire a few different local roofing companies to evaluate your roof prior to filing a roof damage insurance claim. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of hail storms, there may even be “hail specialist” roofing companies.
  • Prior to filing roofing insurance claims Denver homeowners should discuss the claim with each of the roofing companies who are inspecting your roof. Do they recommend that you file a roof hail damage claim? If they say yes, ask if they can be present while the roof insurance claim adjuster evaluates the hail damage. If the roofing company hesitates or does not express agreement to be present during the roof damage insurance claim process, this may indicate that your roof insurance claim doesn’t stand a very good chance of getting approved. You want to file a solid claim that is likely to be won without too much of a fight. Campbell Beard Roofing will let you know exactly what to expect from your roof insurance claim.
  • File the roof damage insurance claim. In fact, roofing insurance claims are quite easy to file, so this is the easiest part of the process. Although most people file roofing insurance claims right away after the hail storm occurs, most states allow this type of claim to be filed up to a year after. This gives ample time to get the situation assessed by several different sources as well as time for the paperwork or anything else that is involved.
  • If your roofing company agreed to be present during the assessment process, when the insurance adjuster pays a visit to your damaged roof, they will be there to converse with your insurance adjuster to compare notes or debate on your behalf if there is room for argument about the severity of the hail damage. After this is over, you should get your settlement and repair work will begin.
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